Micki Wagner

I’m a Registered Dental Hygienist as most of you know, from seeing me in action,
going on 17 years. I’ve been with my husband Cory for 17 years. I have two cats,
Sleepy Face and Rocky and their like my children. In my spare time I like to hang
out with my friends and family, go to the gym, and in the summer Cory in I get out
on our jet skis as much as possible!

I’ve been doing CrossFit since the first day Billy opened the gym, I believe in 2014.
I still remember the first day like yesterday and I was like, ” I love this”. I played
sports all my life and I love everything about the community and everyone always
being there to support one another. I always got bored going to regular gyms
because I’m a social person and I feel like when I’m at CrossFit it’s my happy hour!
The thing I enjoy most about my Light the Fire family is that everyone is friends.
When I moved to Monroe 17 years ago I didn’t know many people. And over the
years I’ve made some pretty great friends!

What motivates me to come to the box? Well I would say I know I work alot
harder when I come to the gym and know I will feel better after. Also I know I have
my people there to encourage me to work harder!

What is my most recent PR/accomplishment lately? Well over the past 6 years I’ve
had 5 knee surgeries so I’ve had my ups and downs at the gym for sure. This year
I was feeling really discouraged and finally talked to Billy and Katie about my
knees and came up with a plan. I’ve had to scale back quite a bit at CrossFit and
modify things (which is another great thing about CrossFit). But recently working with
Billy on strength training, I can say being able to squat comfortably and use my
legs correctly was a a big win for me, and also not having to depend on wearing
my knee sleeves. Sometimes it’s just the small things that really count!

What is your favorite WOD, lift, movement or skill? I would say Cindy is my
favorite WOD, or any bodyweight movements. I also really love pull ups.

What is your current CrossFit goal? To get back to doing T2B like I used too:)
I always tell everyone, CrossFit can be for anyone no matter what. We can modify
anything no matter what fitness level your at.

What would you tell a someone that has never done CrossFit? I would tell any Newbie it’s fun and it never gets easier but it worth it!

How has CrossFit affected your life outside of the box? Doing daily task and being
able to lift heavy things is awesome. It really has made a difference!