My Name is Mike (Spider) Sims, I have  been coming to Light the Fire CrossFit for 7 years now, WOW! It’s become a part of my everyday life that I didn’t know I needed until my wife, Betsey convinced me to come in for the first time. I was immediately ready for more. Now I always have a bag of workout clothes packed in my JEEP ready to go. 4% of my day for 4 days a week does not seem like a lot, but the benefits have been great when stacked over the months/years. That is both physically and mentally. 
Training at LTF CrossFit has had all the following results for me: Increased strength, increases conditioning (I’ve probably sweat out my entire body weight over the years doing burpees), more energetic during the day, increase in self-confidence/self-esteem, stress relief, better sleep, a sense of community/family/friendship outside of the 4 walls of home and work, and a better relationship with my wife (if we can survive burpees together, we can survive anything).
All these things keep me motivated to keep coming in for more. My advice to anyone new or current is to mix things up sometimes. I know everyone has had burnout. Or sometimes a week has kicked your butt. I’ve recognized those time too. Yes, rest as needed, but also mix up the workouts. I’ve gone lower on some weights and really put out some big reps or quick times and it helps change the mindset a bit. Going to Movement Fix class helps change the pace up and the mindset as well. It’s not always about going heavy and fast and burning out. It’s about showing up consistently.  
Looking forward to another 7 years!