Emily Cotterman

Tell us about yourself, hobbies, interests, family, job, etc.

I’m a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines. Due to the nature of my job, I have a bit of wanderlust so I tend to explore or adventure on my travels. I have a small family. It’s just myself and two younger sisters. I have a black cat named Bells (yes named after the brewery haha.) I’m a nerd at heart and love to puzzle or read in my free time. I also am a fan of tattoos, mid-day movies, nightly Jeopardy episodes and summer baseball games.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?

I started CrossFit in October 2021.

What do you remember about your first CrossFit experience?

I remember feeling nervous but welcomed. I was new to the box and the idea of CrossFit but never felt out of place. I remember the patience and knowledge of each coach too. You all took the time to explain proper technique and terminology throughout each class. I had no idea what a wall ball even was! Honestly, I remember feeling like I had found a place where I felt comfortable to challenge myself and grow.

What do you most enjoy about CrossFit?

I enjoy the variety and structure of WODs. I like how I am capable of more than I expected and there’s always something to work on. I also enjoy how each workout is tailored to your skillset allowing for growth or scaling depending on where you are in your journey.

What do you most enjoy about being part of Light the Fire CrossFit family?

I don’t think I can express enough how much this community has changed me for the better and in the short time I’ve been here how at home I feel with everyone. I truly feel like I found my tribe. Each of you inspire me, encourage me and push me. All of you bring such energy and kindness that makes a difference out of the box too. I’m just grateful the universe decided to send me your way!

What motivates you to come to the box?

What motivates me is never settling. I know some days are more challenging but reminding myself that my goal is to be stronger than I was yesterday always motivates me to put the work in. Some days aren’t perfect and that’s okay, there’s still a victory in completing a WOD.

What is you most recent PR/biggest accomplishment?

My most recent accomplishment is adding weight to my deadlift and being able to squat lower during wall balls. I would also say working on my mental health aside from the physical aspect. I’ve also been putting a lot of thought with Meg into nutrition, food freedom and being more reflective into aspects of my life. I can sense a difference in my thoughts which have overall helped my body become stronger too. It’s been a series of growth to see how all of that changes our body/mental health attitude.

What is your favorite wod, lift, movement, or skill?

Deadlifts are my love language.

What is your least favorite wod, lift, movement, or skill?

Running or burpees. They’re tied.

What is your current CrossFit goal?

I’m still new to the CrossFit world and continue learning new things. Honestly, my goal right now is to not be complacent and continue listening to technique corrections. Specifically, though, I’d like to improve my power snatches and work on improving my pull ups. I’d like to be able to do them unassisted one day.

What would you tell a newbie or someone that has never done CrossFit?

You are welcomed here. This space is safe and challenging in the best way possible and you will be encouraged from day one. You are capable of more than you know. You will grow far more than you realize, even on your toughest WOD days. Trust the process and listen to what the coaches say because they are here to help you grow.

Have you had a life changing experience since starting CrossFit?

This whole experience for me has been life changing. My mindset and self-worth have grown. I was always the person afraid to take up space. Now I know I’m worthy of it.

How has CrossFit affected your life outside of the box?

Being apart of this community makes me better. I feel lucky to be able to get to workout every day beside such incredible people who want to see me improve too. I’m happier, healthier and stronger. My mind and body feel better. My sense of worth and body strength has grown as well. It’s not just CrossFit but those at the Light the Fire who have affected my life outside the box. Anyway, thanks for reading and choosing me this month. It means a lot. You all mean a lot. We’re stronger together.