If you wanted to take supplements to improve performance but are overwhelmed by the amount of products that are available, here are my top 2 supplements that I recommend if you aren’t sure what to take.

Whey Protein Protein is ESSENTIAL to change your body composition. The most important nutrient when you are in a caloric deficit trying to lose body fat is protein. The goal is to lose fat, not muscle mass. By eating enough protein during a caloric deficit, you feed your muscles with amino acids, and reduce the chances of your muscle is broken down by cortisol. Higher protein consumption keeps you feeling satisfied longer and you’re less likely to do over-eat. 

Build new muscle faster and easier by giving your body the protein and aminos it needs. Skeletal muscle serves as a storage site for amino acids to use in the rest of the body. Protein makes up cells, hair, skin, nails, and many other things in our body as well. Muscle regulates and drives a lot of functions in our body from regulating blood pressure, blood glucose, and fighting infections.

Creatine Creatine is the most researched supplement of the last 30+ years. What does creatine research show? Research has shown creatine significantly increases power when supplemented in both sexes over a period of time up to 8 weeks. The power that is derived from a resistance training regimen appears to be up to 78.5% greater with creatine compared to a placebo. Creatine is used as energy during high-intensity exercise

  • Converts ADP into ATP for quick muscle contractions 
  • Draws water into muscle cells increasing cell volume
  • Allows more nutrients, amino acids, & electrolytes to be stored
  • Promotes muscle building and improves recovery
  • Preserves muscle glycogen

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